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A Fencecrete America concrete fence will not rust or bend like chain link fencing and will not warp, crack, split or rot like wood. Our precast concrete products consist of concrete posts and panels that are steel reinforced with integrated color. We use a special manufacturing process to create a textured pattern on both sides of the 1’x 5’ panel/1’x 6’ panel. We assemble the fence by securing the precast concrete panels between I shaped post to create a solid interlocking system with the bottom panel keyed into and supported by the post piers. The I shaped posts are set 5/6 feet apart depending on engineer’s specification for the type of soil conditions.

Our Single Wythe Wall System eliminates the continuous spread footing foundation of conventional brick fences. Instead, brick pilasters are set atop concrete piers and the wall is supported by the pilasters without a continuous footing. Another benefit of the Single Wythe Wall System is that any potential cracking and shifting are eliminated because of the wall structure. As a result, less brick is used and the construction is not as labor intensive as ordinary brick fence. Fencecrete then passes the cost savings on to you!

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